Linggo, Mayo 11, 2014

  Mother's Day

             This is the event for all of the mothers all over the world
Before I start this, I would like to say I Love You to all mothers in this universe.
Happy Mother's Day

 You are the only " Girl " in our heart, no matter what happen I/We loved you all of our best. You are always there as our " Friend " that never live. Your are the only person who is there to help. I/We love you very much. You are there to protect us from harm and danger with all of your heart. I/We is/are grateful and thankful that you are part of our life.

  Mum - Mommy - Mama - Nanay - Inay - Inang, whatever names to call for you, as long as " You " it is cool to be your son/daughter. It's your day! :) Hope your happy

  Supportive, Adorable, Beautiful, Kind, Marvelous, Special, Strong, Patient, Smart, fabulous, Generous, Funny, Amazing, Witty, Thoughtful, Loving, Fun, Gentle etc., nothing can describe you as our MOTHER, who give birth for us, who care for us when we're childrens.

H A P P Y  M OT H E R 'S  D A Y

BY : Anjun Nonong